When Does Traveling Merchant Spawn In Pet Sim X?

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when does traveling merchant spawn pet sim x
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Welcome to this article wherein we will discuss one of the frequently asked questions by players of Pet Sim X. As we all know, being able to get ahold of the rarest pets in the game is crucial in order to progress and succeed. Players have to know everything about the game to make sure they have the best chances of acquiring the most valuable pets. One of the most sought after ways to do this is through the Traveling Merchant.

What is a Traveling Merchant?

For those who are not familiar with this feature, the Traveling Merchant is an NPC in Pet Sim X that sells rare and exclusive pets to players. These pets are not available in any other way, which makes the Traveling Merchant an important aspect of the game. However, the merchant doesn’t spawn every day, which makes players wonder when they should expect him to appear.

When Does the Traveling Merchant Spawn?

The Traveling Merchant in Pet Sim X appears every four hours. This means that players have to keep track of the time to know when he will spawn. The schedule of the Traveling Merchant’s appearance is as follows:

  • 12:00 AM UTC
  • 4:00 AM UTC
  • 8:00 AM UTC
  • 12:00 PM UTC
  • 4:00 PM UTC
  • 8:00 PM UTC

It is important to take note that players have to be in the game during the time of the Traveling Merchant’s spawn. If a player logs in after the spawn time, they will have to wait for the next schedule.

What Should You Do When the Traveling Merchant Spawns?

Once the Traveling Merchant spawns, players should immediately go to the spawn location. The location of the Traveling Merchant is in the middle of the map, so players can easily find him. When the player interacts with the Traveling Merchant, a menu will appear, showing the pets that are available for purchase. Players can buy the pets using their in-game currency, which is called Coins.

What are the Benefits of Acquiring Pets from the Traveling Merchant?

As mentioned earlier, the Traveling Merchant sells rare and exclusive pets that are not available in any other way. This means that players who are able to acquire these pets will have a better chance of succeeding in the game. These pets have higher stats, which will give players an advantage when it comes to battles and competitions. Additionally, these pets are also great additions to a player’s collection, which can give them bragging rights over other players.


Knowing when the Traveling Merchant spawns in Pet Sim X is crucial for players who want to acquire rare and exclusive pets. It is important to take note of the schedule and to be in the game during the spawn time. Acquiring pets from the Traveling Merchant can give players an advantage and can also be a great addition to their collection.

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