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traveling merchant spawn time pet sim
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Greetings fellow Pet Sim players! As we all know, Pet Sim is a game where we take care of virtual pets and explore different worlds. One of the exciting things about this game is encountering traveling merchants who offer rare items and accessories for our pets. However, sometimes finding these merchants can be a challenge. That’s why I want to share some information about the traveling merchant spawn time in Pet Sim.

What is a Traveling Merchant?

A traveling merchant is an NPC (non-playable character) who appears randomly in different worlds of Pet Sim. They offer a variety of items for our pets such as food, toys, and accessories. Some of these items are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the game. The traveling merchant is a great way to get rare items and enhance our pet’s appearance.

When do Traveling Merchants Spawn?

The traveling merchant spawns randomly in different worlds of Pet Sim. They usually appear once every hour and stay for 15 minutes. However, the spawn time can vary depending on the world and the server. It’s important to note that not all worlds have traveling merchants, so it’s best to check the world map and see which worlds have them.

How to Find Traveling Merchants?

Traveling merchants can be found in different worlds of Pet Sim. They usually appear in a specific area of the world, so it’s best to ask other players or check online forums to find out their exact location. It’s also important to keep an eye on the chat box, as other players may announce the location of the traveling merchant. Once you find the merchant, simply click on them to open their shop and browse their items.

Tips for Finding Traveling Merchants

Here are some tips to help you find traveling merchants more easily:

  • Check the world map to see which worlds have traveling merchants
  • Ask other players for the location of the traveling merchant
  • Keep an eye on the chat box for announcements
  • Visit different worlds at different times to increase your chances of finding the merchant


Knowing the traveling merchant spawn time in Pet Sim can help us plan our gameplay and increase our chances of finding rare items for our pets. By following these tips and keeping an eye out for the merchant, we can enhance our pet’s appearance and make our gameplay more exciting. Happy hunting!

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