Pet Simulator X Value List Cosmic: Your Ultimate Guide To Cosmic Pets

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pet simulator x value list cosmic
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Welcome to my comprehensive guide on the Pet Simulator X Value List Cosmic! As a pet enthusiast and avid player of the game, I understand the importance of knowing the value of your pets, especially when it comes to the rare and coveted cosmic pets. In this article, I will be sharing with you the top cosmic pets in the game and their corresponding values to help you make informed decisions and maximize your gameplay experience. So, let’s dive in!

What are Cosmic Pets?

Cosmic pets are ultra-rare pets in Pet Simulator X that have a unique cosmic aura and special abilities. They are highly sought after by players due to their rarity and prestige. There are currently 13 cosmic pets in the game, each with their own unique look and abilities. These pets are incredibly valuable and can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

The Top Cosmic Pets and Their Values

1. Cosmic Phoenix – 200,000 coins

2. Cosmic Hydra – 150,000 coins

3. Cosmic Dragon – 125,000 coins

4. Cosmic Serpent – 100,000 coins

5. Cosmic Unicorn – 75,000 coins

6. Cosmic Kraken – 50,000 coins

7. Cosmic Mammoth – 35,000 coins

8. Cosmic Lion – 25,000 coins

9. Cosmic Lava Bat – 20,000 coins

10. Cosmic Bee – 15,000 coins

11. Cosmic Penguin – 10,000 coins

12. Cosmic Fox – 7,500 coins

13. Cosmic Kitty – 5,000 coins

Why Are Cosmic Pets so Valuable?

Cosmic pets are so valuable because they are incredibly rare and difficult to obtain. You can only obtain them by hatching a cosmic egg, which has a very low chance of appearing in the game. Additionally, cosmic pets have special abilities that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience, making them highly coveted by players.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the value of your pets is crucial in maximizing your gameplay experience in Pet Simulator X. By understanding the value of cosmic pets, you can make informed decisions and build a collection of rare and valuable pets. I hope this guide has been helpful in providing you with the information you need to succeed in the game. Happy pet collecting!

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