Pet Simulator X Glitch Pets: Everything You Need To Know

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pet simulator x glitch pets
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Greetings fellow pet lovers! If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a big fan of Pet Simulator X, just like me. As you may know, this game has been around for a while and has gained a massive following due to its addictive gameplay and cute pets. However, like any game, Pet Simulator X has its fair share of glitches and exploits, which some players use to their advantage. In this article, we’ll be discussing one of the most popular glitches in Pet Simulator X: the glitch pets.

What are Glitch Pets?

In Pet Simulator X, glitch pets are essentially pets that have been hacked into the game using exploits. These pets are not obtainable through normal means, and some of them have stats and abilities that are significantly better than regular pets. Glitch pets are highly sought after by players, as they can help them progress faster in the game and dominate other players in PvP battles.

How to Get Glitch Pets?

Getting glitch pets in Pet Simulator X is not an easy task, and it involves using exploits that are not allowed by the game’s developers. We do not condone or encourage the use of exploits, as it goes against the game’s rules and can lead to a ban. However, if you’re still interested in getting glitch pets, you can search online for tutorials or ask other players who have already obtained them.

Types of Glitch Pets

There are several types of glitch pets in Pet Simulator X, each with its unique stats and abilities. Here are some of the most popular glitch pets:

  • The Rainbow Dominus: This pet has rainbow-colored wings and can fly faster than any other pet in the game.
  • The Shadow Dominus: This pet has a black and purple color scheme and has the ability to teleport short distances.
  • The Neon Dominus: This pet has a bright neon color scheme and can shoot laser beams from its eyes.

The Risks of Using Glitch Pets

While glitch pets may seem like a fun addition to your collection, using them can have severe consequences. The game’s developers are constantly monitoring the game for exploits, and if you’re caught using glitch pets, you risk getting banned from the game permanently. Additionally, using glitch pets can ruin the game’s balance and make it less enjoyable for other players who are playing fair.

The Future of Glitch Pets in Pet Simulator X

As of now, the game’s developers are aware of the glitch pets and are working on fixing the exploits that allow players to obtain them. It’s unclear whether glitch pets will be removed from the game entirely or if they will be balanced to be on par with regular pets. However, we can expect that the use of glitch pets will become less prevalent as the game’s updates continue.


In conclusion, glitch pets are a controversial topic in Pet Simulator X, and while they may seem like a fun addition to your collection, using them can have severe consequences. We advise our readers to play the game fairly and avoid using exploits that go against the game’s rules. Pet Simulator X is an enjoyable game, and we believe that playing it fairly is the best way to experience it. Happy pet collecting!

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