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nature dragon pet sim x value
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Greetings, fellow dragon enthusiasts! I am excited to share with you my findings on the value of nature dragons in the popular pet simulation game, Dragon Pet Sim X. As someone who has spent countless hours raising and breeding various dragon species in the game, I believe it is important to understand the worth of each dragon type in order to make the most out of our gameplay experience. In this article, I will delve into the unique traits and abilities of nature dragons and why they are a valuable addition to any player’s dragon collection.

What are Nature Dragons?

Nature dragons, as their name suggests, are dragons that are closely tied to the natural elements of the game. They have a distinct appearance, with vibrant green scales and leaf-like wings that help them blend seamlessly into their woodland habitat. But what really sets nature dragons apart is their special abilities. These dragons have an affinity for plants and nature magic, allowing them to heal themselves and their allies in battle and even summon powerful creatures to fight alongside them.

The Value of Nature Dragons in Dragon Pet Sim X

Now that we have established what makes nature dragons unique, let’s talk about why they are an asset to any player’s dragon collection. Firstly, nature dragons are incredibly versatile in battle. Their healing abilities make them invaluable when it comes to keeping our other dragons alive during tough fights, while their summoning powers can turn the tide of battle in our favor. Additionally, nature dragons have a high resistance to poison and other negative status effects, making them a reliable choice for exploring areas with hazardous terrain.

But nature dragons are not just useful in battle – they also have a high market value. Due to their rarity and unique abilities, nature dragons can fetch a high price in the dragon trading market. This means that breeding and raising nature dragons can be a lucrative endeavor, particularly for players who are looking to earn in-game currency quickly.

Breeding and Raising Nature Dragons

So, how can we get our hands on these valuable creatures? Breeding and raising nature dragons requires a bit of patience and strategy, but the payoff is worth it. To breed a nature dragon, we need to have at least one adult nature dragon in our collection. From there, we can breed the nature dragon with another dragon of a compatible element to increase our odds of getting a nature dragon offspring. Once we have a nature dragon egg, we can hatch it and begin raising our new companion.

When it comes to raising nature dragons, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, nature dragons require a lot of plant-based food to keep them healthy and happy. This means we need to be prepared to spend a bit more in-game currency on food for our nature dragons. Additionally, nature dragons thrive in woodland habitats, so it is important to make sure our dragon’s habitat is suited to their needs. With proper care and attention, however, our nature dragons will grow into powerful and valuable companions.


In conclusion, nature dragons are a valuable addition to any player’s dragon collection in Dragon Pet Sim X. Their unique abilities, high market value, and versatility in battle make them a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their gameplay experience. By breeding and raising nature dragons, we can not only bolster our dragon collection but also earn in-game currency and gain a powerful ally in battle. So let’s get out there and start exploring the natural world of Dragon Pet Sim X with our trusty nature dragons by our side!

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