Huge Pixel Cat Hatch Rate: What You Need To Know

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huge pixel cat hatch rate
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Greetings, fellow cat lovers and Pixel Cat breeders! As someone who has spent countless hours breeding and hatching these adorable virtual felines, I have noticed a trend that I believe needs to be addressed: the huge Pixel Cat hatch rate. In this article, I will explain what this means and how it can affect your breeding efforts.

What is the Huge Pixel Cat Hatch Rate?

The Huge Pixel Cat hatch rate refers to the fact that a large number of Pixel Cats being hatched are coming out with the “Huge” trait. This trait affects the cat’s size, making them larger than normal. While this may seem like a fun and cute addition to your collection, it can actually have negative consequences when it comes to breeding.

How Does the Huge Trait Affect Breeding?

When breeding Pixel Cats, the goal is often to produce cats with desirable traits and colors. However, when a Huge cat is involved in the breeding process, it can complicate things. For one, the Huge trait is dominant, meaning that any cat bred with a Huge cat is likely to also have the Huge trait. This can limit your options and make it harder to produce cats with other desired traits.

In addition, the Huge trait can also affect the cat’s fertility. According to some breeders, Huge cats may have a lower chance of producing offspring, or may produce fewer offspring than normal-sized cats. This can make it even harder to produce the cats you want.

What Can You Do About It?

If you’re a Pixel Cat breeder, you may be wondering what you can do to mitigate the effects of the Huge trait. One option is to simply avoid breeding with Huge cats altogether. While this may limit your options, it can also help you produce cats with other desirable traits more easily.

Another option is to try and selectively breed Huge cats with other cats that have desirable traits. This can take more effort and planning, but may ultimately result in cats that have both the Huge trait and other desirable traits.


The Huge Pixel Cat hatch rate may seem like a fun and harmless addition to the game, but it can actually have negative consequences for breeders. By understanding how the Huge trait affects breeding, you can make more informed decisions and work towards producing the cats you want.

Whether you choose to avoid Huge cats altogether or try to selectively breed them, remember that breeding Pixel Cats is all about experimentation and trial-and-error. With a little patience and persistence, you can produce cats that are not only adorable, but also have the traits and colors you desire.

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