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how to get pog cat
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Greetings fellow cat lovers! If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on a Pog Cat. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing the steps you need to take to bring home your very own Pog Cat.

What is a Pog Cat?

First things first, let’s talk about what a Pog Cat actually is. Pog Cats are a special breed of cat that have become quite popular over the years. They are known for their unique markings, which resemble the popular 90s game Pogs. Pog Cats are typically very friendly and playful, making them a great addition to any household.

Research and Find a Reputable Breeder

The first step in getting a Pog Cat is to do your research and find a reputable breeder. You want to make sure that the breeder you choose is ethical and takes good care of their cats. Look for reviews and ask for recommendations from other cat owners.

Prepare Your Home

Before bringing home your new furry friend, you’ll need to prepare your home. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies, such as food, water, litter box, and toys. You’ll also want to cat-proof your home by removing any potential hazards.

Meet the Cat

Once you’ve found a reputable breeder and prepared your home, it’s time to meet the cat. This is an important step, as you want to make sure that you and the cat are a good match. Spend some time with the cat and see how they interact with you.

Adoption or Purchase

After meeting the cat, you’ll need to decide whether to adopt or purchase. Adoption is always a great option, as there are many cats in shelters that need homes. However, if you’re set on getting a Pog Cat, you may need to purchase from a breeder.

Follow Up with the Breeder

After bringing home your new cat, make sure to follow up with the breeder. They may have specific instructions on how to care for your Pog Cat, or may want to check in to make sure everything is going well.

Regular Vet Visits

Just like any other pet, Pog Cats require regular vet visits to stay healthy. Make sure to schedule annual check-ups and keep up with any necessary vaccinations.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is also important for Pog Cats. Make sure to feed them a balanced diet and provide plenty of fresh water. You may also want to consider supplements if your cat has any specific health needs.

Play and Bond with Your Cat

Pog Cats are known for their playful and friendly personalities, so make sure to spend time playing and bonding with your new pet. This will not only strengthen your relationship, but also provide important mental and physical stimulation for your cat.


Getting a Pog Cat can be a wonderful experience, but it does require some preparation and research. By following these steps and providing proper care, you can enjoy many happy years with your new furry friend.

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