How To Get Galaxy Fox In Pet Simulator

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how to get galaxy fox in pet simulator
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Greetings to all Pet Simulator players out there! As we all know, one of the most sought-after pets in the game is the Galaxy Fox. It’s a rare pet that requires a bit of effort to obtain, but with the right strategy and persistence, you can add this adorable creature to your collection. In this article, I will guide you on how to get the Galaxy Fox in Pet Simulator.

1. Acquire a Lot of Coins

One of the most important things you need to obtain the Galaxy Fox is a lot of coins. You can earn coins by completing quests, opening eggs, and participating in events. Save up as much as you can to increase your chances of getting the Galaxy Fox.

2. Purchase the Tier 10 Egg

The Galaxy Fox can only be obtained from the Tier 10 Egg, which costs 50 million coins. This egg has a 0.001% chance of hatching the Galaxy Fox, so be prepared to spend a lot of coins. You can purchase this egg from the Pet Shop in the game.

3. Use the Auto Hatch Gamepass

The Auto Hatch Gamepass can be purchased for Robux in the game. It allows you to hatch eggs automatically without having to click on them manually. This gamepass can help you save time and increase your chances of getting the Galaxy Fox.

4. Join a Trading Community

If you’re having a hard time getting the Galaxy Fox, try joining a trading community in the game. There are players who are willing to trade their Galaxy Fox for other rare pets or items. Be careful when trading and make sure you’re getting a fair deal.

5. Use a Luck Boost

You can use a Luck Boost item to increase your chances of hatching the Galaxy Fox. This item can be purchased for Robux in the game. However, keep in mind that this boost is only temporary and may not guarantee that you will get the pet.

6. Keep Hatching Eggs

Don’t give up if you don’t get the Galaxy Fox on your first try. Keep hatching eggs and be patient. It may take several attempts before you finally get the pet you want.

7. Participate in Events

The game regularly holds events that can reward you with rare pets or items. Participate in these events to increase your chances of getting the Galaxy Fox.

8. Try Your Luck with the Mystery Pet Box

The Mystery Pet Box is a new feature in the game that allows you to obtain random pets. It costs 500 Robux and has a chance of giving you the Galaxy Fox. However, the chances are extremely low, so use this option as a last resort.

9. Trade with Other Players

If you have other rare pets or items, try trading with other players who have the Galaxy Fox. This can be a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of coins or Robux trying to obtain the pet.

10. Be Persistent

Finally, be persistent in your quest to get the Galaxy Fox. It may take some time and effort, but the feeling of finally getting the pet is worth it. Keep trying and don’t give up!


Obtaining the Galaxy Fox in Pet Simulator may not be easy, but it’s definitely possible. Follow these tips and strategies, and with some luck and persistence, you may finally add this rare and adorable pet to your collection. Good luck!

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