How Much Is Santa Paws Worth In Gems?

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how much is santa paws worth in gems
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Greetings, fellow animal lovers and gamers! As a fan of the popular game, Animal Jam, I have come across a common question among players, “How much is Santa Paws worth in gems?” In this article, I will provide you with the answer and explain why Santa Paws is a highly sought after item in Animal Jam.

The Rarity of Santa Paws

Santa Paws is an item in Animal Jam that was introduced during the Jamaalidays season. It is a plushie that resembles a white polar bear wearing a red and white Santa hat. What makes Santa Paws so valuable is its rarity. The item was only available for a limited time during the Jamaalidays season and has not been released since, making it a rare and highly sought after item in Animal Jam.

The Value of Santa Paws

The value of Santa Paws varies depending on the player and the demand for the item. On average, Santa Paws is worth around 4,000 to 5,000 gems in Animal Jam. However, some players may be willing to pay more for the item, especially if they are collectors or if it completes their set of Jamaalidays items.

How to Obtain Santa Paws

As mentioned, Santa Paws is a rare item in Animal Jam and is no longer available through regular gameplay. The only way to obtain Santa Paws now is through trading with other players. If you are looking to obtain Santa Paws, it is best to offer a fair trade or to look for players who are specifically seeking the item.

The Benefits of Owning Santa Paws

Aside from its rarity, owning Santa Paws also comes with benefits. The item can be used to decorate your Animal Jam den during the Jamaalidays season, making it a festive addition to your virtual home. Furthermore, owning rare items like Santa Paws can increase your status among other players and can be a source of pride and accomplishment.

The Risks of Trading for Santa Paws

While trading for Santa Paws can be exciting and rewarding, it is also important to be cautious. There are scammers in Animal Jam who may try to deceive you and steal your valuable items. It is important to only trade with trusted players and to use caution when accepting offers or trades.


In conclusion, Santa Paws is a rare and highly sought after item in Animal Jam. Its rarity and demand make it a valuable item among players, with an average worth of around 4,000 to 5,000 gems. If you are looking to obtain Santa Paws, be sure to trade with trusted players and offer fair trades. And if you are lucky enough to own Santa Paws, enjoy the benefits and use caution when trading with others.

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